360° Inclination sensors

High precision, total reliability and compact!

Depending on your application demands the following standard types are available. You have the choice between two digital and one analogue interface. We also offer a version without housing for integration in existing systems.
For initial tests an evaluation kit with USB connection is available upon request for four weeks free of charge.

  • Modbus (RS485) Interface


    • Resolution max. 0.01° (adjustable)
    • Operating Voltage 9-32V
    • Sampling Rate <180ms
    • Interface Modbus (RS485)
    • Accuracy ±0,1° (10-40°C)
      ±0,15° (remaining Temp.Range)
    • Connector 4pol M8
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  • Analog Interface


    • Resolution max. 0.01° (adjustable)
    • Operating Voltage 10-30V
    • Sampling Rate <180ms
    • Interface analog 4-20mA
    • Accuracy ±0,1° FS
      ±0,1° / 10K
    • Connector 4pol M8
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  • CAN/CANopen Interface


    • Resolution max. 0.01° (adjustable)
    • Operating Voltage 9-32V
    • Sampling Rate <180ms
    • Interface CAN/CANopen (CIA410)
    • Accuracy ±0,1° (10-40°)
      ±0,15° (remaining Temp.Range )
    • Connector 5pol M12
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  • OEM

    The uncovered OEM version of the fluid capacitive 2E inclination sensor with 360° measuring range is intended for integration in customer-specific solutions.

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  • Evaluation-Kit

    The kit offers the user the opportunity to test the sensor for four weeks at no charge.

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An inclination sensor determines the position angle of an object in relation to the Earth’s gravitational field. The principle of how the different versions of the fluid 360° inclination sensor , developed and patented by 2E, functions is based on the change of capacity of the differential capacity configuration, dependent on the inclination. For digital outputs it provides a measurement accuracy of ±0.1°over the entire measurement and temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Further advantages compared to other systems available on the market:

  • contactless & absolute measurement
  • low transverse gradient sensitivity
  • measurement range 360°
  • capacitive measurement principle
  • protection class IP67
  • maintenance-free
  • easy installation

We look forward to receiving your enquiries and would be pleased to provide you with information on customer specific requirements.

Fields of application for inclination sensors

Possible fields of application for inclination sensors include, for example, construction vehicles and farm machinery, automobile straightening benches, solar modules and wind turbines, treatment units, mobile scales, laser distance meters as well as shutter control systems. For hand-held devices such as laser distance meters limited space usually requires the use of the OEM version. It is also already temperature-compensated and allows for a precise calculation of distances, angles or even volumes. The versions in aluminium housings provide a long-lasting, reliable service life in rough environments such as on excavators, whereby several sensors integrated in the excavator control system calculate the exact position of the individual components. In combination with GPS and terrain data this provides the capability of semi-autonomous operation of the machines.

About 2E mechatronic

2E mechatronic develops and manufactures microsystems for a wide range of applications in the fields of medicine, industrial automation as well as automotive. These include sensors and sensor housings, microliter pumps, electric connectors as well as various MID-based products (multi-functional 3D circuit carriers such as flow sensors or LED/OLED lighting modules).

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